Fisher Gold Bug 2

Fisher Gold Bug 2 with a 5.5 gram gold nugget.
Fisher Gold Bug 2 with a 5.5 gram gold nugget.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Introduction

First released in 1995 the Fisher Gold Bug 2 (GB2) is one of the most capable gold detectors ever made. The GB2 is also one of the most affordable. A new unit cost less than $1000.00. Its a fun, lightweight unit. While the Bug is normally sold with just one coil there are several types and sizes of coils available for it. 71 kHz. is the operating frequency for the GB2. This frequency makes the detector extremely sensitive to small gold nuggets. The manual for the GB2 will say that is an “ultra-high” frequency – which it is – but the detector is still considered a VLF detector. The GB2 is an analog unit. Conversely the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is a digital unit.

Introduction Facts
  • First released in 1995
  • Operating frequency of 71kHz
  • Extremely sensitive to small gold
  • Affordable
  • Analog unit

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Setup – Configuration

Fisher Gold Bug 2
Fisher Gold Bug 2

First of all, we will break setup into two parts. Configuration and Operation. Interestingly, the GB2’s control box will mount on the supplied shaft, your belt, or on a chest sling. The shaft is telescopic and will allow users of various heights to comfortable operation. You will want to keep the coil wire wrapped tight against the shaft. As a matter of fact, this can easily be accomplished with Velcro straps or zip ties. Additionally, you can use the [email protected] with headphones or the built in speaker.

Configuration Review
  • Shaft, hip, or chest mount
  • Adjustable, telescopic shaft
  • Can be used with or without headphones

Fisher Gold Bug 2 – Operation

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Control Box.
Fisher Gold Bug 2 Control Box.

Certainly the GB2 is one of the easiest gold detectors to operate. By all means read the setup and instruction manual. To be specific, it will take time for new users to become proficient. Without a doubt one of the problems new users experience is keeping the GB2 balanced. For one thing the GB2 manual balance only. It does not have an automatic ground balance option. On the positive side once you learn to balance the GB2 it will become second nature. Ground balance is something you should do often as you detect, sometimes every few feet. Build the “muscle memory” to do this and you will be amazed at how quickly you will become a better detectorist. The GB2 runs on two 9-volt batteries. Always use fresh batteries. A set of batteries will last a full six to eight hour days of detecting.

Operation Review
  • Read the instruction manual and follow the directions
  • Ground balance often
  • Always use fresh batteries

Personal Preferences Fisher Gold Bug 2

Detecting for gold nuggets in the deserts of the southwest USA.
Detecting for gold nuggets in the deserts of the southwest USA.

Although I run my GB2 with the sensitivity between 7 and 10 I caution new users against this at first. Without reservation I normally run my volume all the way up. By the same token unless the ground is overly hot I keep the Audio Boost on. Audio boost will also amplify hot rocks so learn this powerful setting slowly. Another key point to mention is that I almost always wear headphones. I prefer Ground Reject set between 7 and 8. Mineralization is set to Medium often but I also hunt in Low and High. The Iron Disc mode does work if you are extremely close to a target however I recommend that you dig every target. I prefer a quiet hum on the threshold. Equally important and equally important re-balance the GB2 every few feet. Get in the habit.

Personal Preferences Recap Fisher Gold Bug 2
  • Sensitivity between 7 and 10
  • Volume all the way up
  • Audio Boost on
  • Wear headphones
  • Ground Reject between 7 and 8
  • Mineralization set to Medium
  • Dig every target
  • Re-balance often

Given these points you will not be an expert overnight. Equally important to knowledge is experience. Get out as often as you can. Persistence, patience, and hard work will get you the gold. This article is really just a kick-starter for new users. Good luck.

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