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Placer and Lode Gold Deposits in the Grand Canyon

Gold Miners in the Grand Canyon

Gold Miners in the Grand Canyon

There are plenty of stories about lost gold nugget placer deposits and lode gold in the Grand Canyon. How many of these old legends are true we’ll just never know but there sure do make a guy wonder.

You hear names like Tom Watson who is reported to have found some gold nuggets behind a waterfall around 1980 then F.D. Watson whose discovery was near Lee’s Ferry around 1912, was there a connection? I’ll leave the for you to figure out and Watson’s aside many other names like John D. Lee and Fred Faatz have reportedly found great deposits of gold, silver and copper in the canyon.

And speaking of Faatz, his granddaughter Jeanne post on our forum about it a few years ago, its simply a fascinating read and great history of the Colorado River area. You can read more by clicking here > Faatz

Without a doubt there are valuable mineral deposits in the grand canyon of gold, silver and copper but finding them is a whole new ball game and in this day in age mix with with some legal concerns and you get the full picture.

Most of the country rock in the Grand Canyon is sedimentary rock normally formed at the bottom of the ocean or in shallow coastal plains. But let’s give some thought to a few things known to be in the canyon, Quartz, Calcite, Clay, Gypsum, Dolomite, Hematite, Feldspar, Augite and Biotite. Now I’m note sure how much you know about gold indicators but a few things jump out at me and if a person were to go Gold Prospecting in the Grand Canyon it may be wise to narrow the search down a bit to where a few key indicators have been found before or where deposits of them are and expand from there. Of course it would be very wise to be sure what you are doing is legal.

As always, Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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  1. It’s there alright! Just look at the claims that line the north boundary of park. I have a book written by an old cowboy out of Kanab, Ut that describes his meeting a prospector while running cattle on the AZ strip. He says the ol boy went down into the canyon and in a couple of days came back with a sack full. He gives the general area, but didn’t know exactly where he went.