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Recirculating Sluice Setup

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#1 JeffD

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Posted 11 May 2011 - 01:55 AM

My original recirc. setup needed to be replaced, I made it out of a cheap plastic tub (tote) and the stand was PVC pipe, not very adjustable so I wanted to come up with something a little more durable with a stand I could adjust angle a little easier. I did not have much money to spend but being a packrat, have a bunch of stuff (read junk) around, a descent scrap metal pile and a few plastic barrels. After I built my original one, and saw how quickly the water got dirty, I did some more reading and saw people using 3 tubs instead of 2, I had an idea with the barrel and adding a small area that would hold filter material to catch all the large stuff. I guess that almost makes this a 4 compartment model or 3 with a filter.... The water flows over the divider, into a 4" wide compartment that for my initial testing, I am using a couple 6" wide scraps of swamp cooler pad I had after changing my pads. Then it goes under the second divider into the second settling area. There is a 90degree angle pointed up on the (second compartment end) pipe into the 5 gallon bucket where my pump sits, so it is drawing water from about 5" off the bottom. This is what I came up with... I have barely tested it, but one problem I had before was my pump would pump my 5 gallon bucket dry if I ran too fast, so I never could flatten the sluice out and run a little more water through, it took about 30 minutes to feed a 5 gallon bucket of 1/4" classified material through the old recirc setup I had. This new setup, I can run the pump full out and the water level in the bucket does not change... way too much water for a 8" wide sluice... I built this to support my old original home made sluice and also a new 4" cleanup sluice I made, but with future plans for a little large sluice with a power head to go along with it.

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#2 JeffD

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Posted 11 May 2011 - 01:57 AM

A couple more of it during my first test, I lowered the slope and cranked up the flow and ran a 5 gallon bucket of classified material in about 8 minutes... then I re-ran it again slower and only found one small grain of flour gold. Just as a final double check because I did not have anything to do, I panned the materal by hand and did not find one spec... then I tryed out my new cleanup sluice, my first impresssion is it is probably twice as long as it needs to be... I did not find any gold within a couple inches of the middle of the sluice. This one is ran on a 12v 750 gph bilge pump, I processed a gatorade bottle full of lynx creek black sand in about an hour or so, adding a couple tablespoons every few minutes, again hand panned through afterward and did not find anything.

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