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Fisher Gold Bug Repair #2

Fisher Gold Bug Repair 2

Fisher Gold Bug Repair 2

Now don’t take this post to say the Fisher Gold Bug 2 Gold Nugget Metal Detector is in constant need of repair, hardly. Its just I really use my equipment, it does not sit in a closet. So as the pics show, its gets beat up hard. But gold digging is no fun unless your tangled in catclaw and crawling under bushes to get to the next section of wash anyway, right? I once made a post about a Gold Bug 2 field repair that I did here > thus the #2. Both 1 and 2 are my fault, not Fisher’s. The Gold Bug 2 is rock solid tough and works awesome.

So last week I noticed my on/off volume knob came loose. The cap was real close to the main plate on the face of the detector and I had no idea if the nut to tighten it was inside the box or out. So I popped the external speaker and took a peek inside. With my eyes a googling at all the circuitry, who knows what it all does I was able to ascertain that the nut was not on the inside. Yup, I’m no electronics whiz, you got that right (just know how to find gold ;)) so I grabbed a butter knife and pried the knob up from the face plate, whala! There was me little nut! It did help to have the speaker popped up as I could hold the part in place while I tightened the exterior nut, 30 seconds later all is fixed. As you can see I even had my drill and rivet gun at the ready. So now I can say I learnt sumthin :)

Now I’m ready to get back to finding some more gold nuggets. Makes me remember too that my discrimination knob on my Minelab GP Extreme has been loose since 2003 LOL and I use that machine all the time, I just dig everything that beeps with the Extreme so I just don’t care. You can click the pics a few times below to enlarge. As always good luck and happy hunting!