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Finding Gold And Observation

Gold Prospecting And Observation

Gold Prospecting And Observation

While riding in the LSD (Little San Domingo) proper this morning I passed a couple working a wash that gets worked every year just off to the left side of the road. You might know the spot if you’re familiar with the area, past the windmill, round the corner first wash on the left, think its a GPAA claim. Passing by I thought, these folks are very new to finding gold.

Then again I thought, maybe not, maybe they are the kind of folks who don’t try too hard, its just good exercise and conversation for them. Either way, just going to the first easy to get to wash in a known area is not a sure fire recipe for gold mining success. Or it could be a handicap situation, although judging by the equipment and vehicles I would say not. No matter what…all good.

So I kept going back to see if Wade was still at a spot, thought I’d stop and say hi and show him something I knew about the area. About 45 minutes later I was back as I did not see him there and passing by these folks again I pulled the quad over and asked how they were doing. “Not too great” the guy said…”Yeah that’s about what I figured. That spot has been dug out every year for decades, its just too accessible” I replied, “Well, I’ve got nothing better to do” he said. We both waved, smiled and said good luck to each other. OK I now understood and proceeded on my way to a nice little spot I try and keep under wraps.

I guess the next logical thing to say here is how I did as I did have something better to do. I squeaked out a nice gold nugget, nothing spectacular, almost 2 grams, but it just goes to prove a point. If you only go for the easy scores with gold mining and prospecting you will get slim pickings. If you keep your spots under wraps and work like you have a goal you will succeed. Now don’t get me wrong here, the fellow seemed happy enough and that’s what counts. If he really wants to see some gold maybe he’ll take my hint. As always, good luck and happy hunting!

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  1. I have been going up both the Little San Domingo and the San Domingo several times since the first of the year and have not found any gold yet. But I still detect up there about once a week or as time permits since I’m only about 20 minutes away. They say gold is where you find it and I have no doubt that there is still gold in that area. I don’t blame the prospectors that are more familiar with that area not to divulge their hot spots, but there’s a lot of land up there and I’m sure not everything has been worked or detected…whichever method you are using. The thing is to not get disappointed. Any day in the desert detecting is a good day and I’m not giving up hope. I just got into metal detecting about 4 months ago so I’m a relative newbie. I have found a LOT of junk. Found part of what looks like a .22 cal bullet the other day on the middle of a hillside about 10″ down, so I know my detector is working (not a name brand). It’s a Treasure Hunter xj9-3050 and is very sensitive. I’m saving my money for either a whites GMT or a Tesoro Lobo.

    • Richard, the detector yo are using, the Treasure Hunter xj9-3050 is just not made for hunting gold nuggets. You could get very luck but the odds are against you, the GMT or the Lobo would be better. One thing I do what to point out is if you found a 22 cal bullet 10 inches down that’s simply amazing and tells me you must have not been in mineralized ground where gold is found as your signal would have been splattered if you were. I could go on about that but will just wish you the best of luck!