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Don’t Forget The Slime to Find the Gold

Slime Tire Sealant

Slime Tire Sealant

That’s right, don’t forget the Slime. It will help you find more gold. It will help you find more gold by spending less time fixing off road flats. While I don’t pre Slime my truck tires I do my quad tires and usually have a bottle of the stuff handy in case I do get a truck flat.

Slime tire sealant is pretty amazing stuff and was invented in 1989 in a California. Basically its a mixture of sticky green stuff with pieces of inner tube and rubber type stuff, that’s the shortened version. Bottom line is, this stuff works. The gold fields are littered with all kinds of debris both natural and man made and you need Slime in your corner. And one of the best parts is that it has a four year shelf life, that’s a good deal and its far from expensive.

Gold Prospectors are always taking about knowledge and this is good stuff to know even if you’re not mining, if you are outdoors and off road be sure to have a bottle handy. And its very easy to use and comes with a valve puller (cap) for your tire. Basically all you need to do if you don’t have a flat is pull your tire valve (3 or 9 o’clock), put the right amount in (check the bottle), replace the valve, re-inflate and ride. If you get a flat put the puncture at 6 o’clock, pull the valve, use the tube to insert the slime, put the valve back, re-inflate and ride. Normally if I have a truck flat I will use Slime with a tire plug, its rare to get a flat on the quad mainly due to the protection Slime provides from all the little things that poke and stab your tires.

As always, good luck and happy hunting. Images used with permission.