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Desert Gold Stories

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Desert Gold Stories

Desert Gold Stories

The desert tells us some very good and detailed stories, sometimes we just have to learn to listen.

Take the old horseshoe at the left, well wedged into a dying cactus. But the cactus was not always dead. Once it stood upright for hundreds of years. In fact I saw it standing upright with the horseshoe in it.

But WHY was the horseshoe in this cactus that stood atop a hill that overlooked a large valley? I’ll never really know but what I did discover, and seriously doubt it is mere coincidence is that it points to an old small placer gold camp about half a mile a way. And not too far from the placer camp are some old digs.

The funny thing was I had hiked by this old sign from our golden past many times and never saw it, until one day. Then the pieces of the puzzle began arranging in my head and actually played out to a logical, plausible conclusion. It would be neat to be able to go back in time and meet the old miners who lived at the placer camp and see who really put that horseshoe there, and why.

So be sure to keep your eyes wide open while you explore our great outdoors and remember when talking to people you have two ears and one mouth by design, shut up and listen. As always, good luck and happy hunting!