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260-Pound World Record Mekong Giant Catfish Caught

260-Pound World Record Mekong Giant Catfish

260-Pound World Record Mekong Giant Catfish

When its too hot to go hunt for gold or when I just need a break to refocus I often go fishing but I’ve never had the luck retired British Navy Captain David Kent had. Amazingly, he landed a 260 pound world records catfish. I feel lucky to catch a good sized fish much less a world record.

Sometimes a break in what you do is just the ticket to success you need. Get away, shift gears and get back to where it all just happens. Outdoor Life has some good pictures of the monster online and the IGFA has apparently confirmed the validity of the catch as well.

Its interesting, about 30 years ago my family moved to Arizona from upstate New York. Being a teenager at the time growing up quite rural I really was into fishing heavy. In fact I spent most of my free time either riding  Yamaha RM 125 dirt bike, shooting or fishing in the deep NY woods. When we came to Arizona fishing seemed pretty lame to me. I mean going from catching muskellunge, walleye, pike and bass frequently to catfish was, at that time a real bummer. But over time I realized it was all just me, just getting used to the beautiful state of Arizona and all it has to offer.

Then it happened at about 16 years of age, the Gold Bug bit me and I’ve been infected ever since. I’m also lucky that a good friend of mine, Dennis (IMPLDN) on our forum is an expert Arizona fisherman. So I’m admiring David’s luck and wishing him all the best.

As always, no matter what your quest…Good Luck and Happy Hunting!



1 Comment on 260-Pound World Record Mekong Giant Catfish Caught

  1. WOW! I would love to catch one that big, what lake was it in?
    I once caught a 20 pound cat at Indian School Park and thought that was a big deal.